David Madden

David started his career in the City of London in 2007 and has since developed a strong understanding of the financial markets.Prior to joining CMC Markets, David worked as a sales trader and market analyst at a number of derivative brokerage firms. David is also a regular contributor to a variety of financial news outlets, including online and print media, radio and TV, such as the BBC, Sky News, and CNN.A degree in economics has provided the groundwork for David’s knowledge of fundamental analysis, and a diploma is technical analysis has given him a good grounding in charting.Through his

Dr Bill Bateman

Dr Bateman is a wildlife biologist with expertise in biodiversity, conservation and animal and plant extinctions.

Professor Dimitrios Tsomocos

Dimitrios is an expert in financial economics and his work has had a substantial impact on economic policy around the globe. In particular, he analyses issues of contagion, financial fragility, interbank linkages and the impact of the Basel Accord and financial regulation in the macroeconomy, using a General Equilibrium model with incomplete asset markets, money and endogenous default.He co-developed the Goodhart – Tsomocos model of financial fragility which has had a significant impact in banking and more than ten central banks have calibrated the model.

Professor Alan Duncan

Professor Duncan can talk about economic and social policy evaluation as well as taxation, public finance and public policy.

Dr Jane Cunneen

Jane can talk about earthquakes, faults, plate tectonics and tsunamis.

Dr Ben Rich

Ben can discuss terrorism and political violence and the contemporary politics of the Middle East. He also has an interest in Saudi politics, foreign relations and defence.

Professor Amanda Davies

Amanda can talk about populaiton demographics and rural and regional development issues. She can also discuss population change and community adaptation.

Dr Alexey Muraviev

Alexey can talk about Russian foreign, strategic and defence policy as well as Russian military power. He also researches contemporary terrorism and maritime terrorism and the risk of future wars.

Professor Donna Chung

Professor Chung is an expert in sexual and domestic violence, gender and sexuality and child sexual abuse. She can also discuss violence within families and stalking.

Dr Yixiao Zhou

Dr Zhou can talk about innovation and technological progress. She also researches direct foreign investment and migration flow, with a particular emphasis on China. She is well placed to discuss China's relationship with other nations, on issues such as trade wars and foreign economic relations.