Scott Badard


Scott Badard


Professor Mark Allen

Mark Allen is a Seismologist & Professor of Earth Sciences who can comment on earthquakes, climate, environment and natural disasters. He is an experienced media commentator, appearing on the BBC to discuss the 2018 Indonesian earthquakes. His research has focussed on volcanoes, the causes of earthquakes & aftershocks, geohazards, seismic belts along mountain ranges, tectonic plate activity & sedimentary basins.

Dr Chun Shin Kwok

Dr Kwok is interested in topics that are relevant to the public such as the impact of sleep on the heart and health conditions, vegetarian diet, chocolate consumption and exercise on cardiovascular disease and more specialised topics in percutaneous coronary intervention such as the effects of major bleeding and transfusion.

Professor Marylyn Carrigan

Professor Carrigan's research interetss are consumer ethics, social repsonsibiity, sustainabiity, ethical marketing and the relationships between businesses and their key stakeholders. Her current research focuses on ethical consumption, reduction and resitance motives, consumer behaviours, the sharing economy and cross cultural ethical consumption. She also studies social responsibility and sustainabiity in the supply chain for small businesses. 

Nick Parsons

Prior to joining ThomasLloyd in 2018, Nick had over 30 years' experience as Head of Research in a number of major global banks.

Meghan Elkin

Meghan heads the crime statistics team at ONS is one of the UK’s leading experts in crime trends.  The ONS figures combine the offences recorded by the police with the insight provided by the biggest regular survey of people’s individual experience of crime. Together these figures provide the most comprehensive and reliable picture of crime in England and Wales. Meghan offers balanced, insightful comment on what’s really happening behind the sensational headlines about rising crime.       

Matt Hughes

Matt leads the team that produces the ONS monthly jobs figures – by far the biggest and most authoritative regular picture of UK employment. His advance knowledge of the data means he can offer sharp and informed comment on the latest employment trends while other commentators are still digesting the figures. Record employment, the gig economy and gender pay gap are all hot topics and Matt’s recent broadcast credits include the BBC One O’Clock News and Radio 4’s Moneybox Live.               

Jay Lindop

Migration has been the most hotly-debated issue of the past decade and any informed discussion rests on the quarterly migration figures produced by ONS. Jay leads the team calculating the latest figures and producing clear, readable commentaries.  Jay’s proximity to the key data makes her better informed on the facts and figures behind migration than most commentators. As the lead ONS spokesperson on migration she has appeared BBC radio and TV and presented on ‘Truths and Statistics’ at the Hay Festival.    

Rhian Murphy