Rio Paralympics 2016 Experts

Rio Paralympics 2016 Experts

Carlos Caicedo

Latin America Specialist

Carlos will be IHS's Olympic security specialist for Rio 2016. His other South American specialisms include policymaking and its impact on energy...

Neil Chester

School of Sport

Chris' teaching focues on Nutrition and Metabolism, Drugs in Sports and Exercise. HIs research has featured in local and national radio,...

Gilberto Montibellar

Management Sciences

Professor Montibellar is available to discuss Operation Management which includes sporting event such as Olympics and World Cups. A decision...

Dr David Fletcher

Sport and Exercise Psychology

David is a world leading sport's psychologist, also specialising in performance management and sport business. David also works closely with...

Herve Morvan

Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Professor Morvan is a fluid mechanicist and the director for aerospace at Nottingham. He worked with Speedo for 6 years, until the end of the...

Dr Daniela Ferreira


A graduate from the University of Sao Paulo, Daniela is an expert vaccinologist. Her research topics have included Healthy Responses and Host...

Bill Baltzopoulos

School of Sport

Bill focus is on strength training and the prevention of injuries. Has previously given interviews to BBC about Usain Bolt and why he is the...

Alan Bairner

Sport and Social Theory

Professor Bairner is an expert in a range of social issues relating to sport. Among many subjects, he can discuss protests and sporting events...

Dr Dirk Lehmkuhl

European Politics

Dirk's teaching and research portfolio includes themes of European Integration and International Relations, including global governance,...

Francesca Champ

School of Sport

Her expertise lies in applied sport psychology. Has worked on an individual basis with national level track and field athletes and has over three...

Matt Slater

Chief Sports Reporter

Matt is a multi-award-winning TV, radio, and online reporter who spent 16 years at the BBC before joining PA, and has considerable experience of...

Donal McNally

Professor of Biomechanics

An expert on spinal mechanics, Professor McNally can explain the stress put on athletes bodies and how to remain at peak physical fitness. He can...

Richard Ferguson

Exercise Physiology

A lecturer in exercise physiology, Dr Ferguson has a particular focus in cycling and triathlons.

Chris McCready

School of Sport

Chris is a former professional footballer whose research concerns the personal development of elite athletes and how their sporting careers/...

Adam Sharples

School of Sport

His research looks at muscle 'memory' and epigenetics in relation to drug testing. Applies where a once banned athlete has been allowed to return...

Ben Brown

School of Sport

Research looks at the impact of road cycling training volume on cardiac adaptation and performance. He also coaches cyclists in road and track...

Andrew Easton

Professor of Life Sciences

One of the world's leading virologists, his laboratory research focuses on the molecular biology of viruses which use a single stranded negative...

Sophia Jowett

Sport Psychology

Able to give an insight into an athelete's mind, Dr Jowett teaches a class on the psychosocial factors of competitive sport. She has written...

Karen Lumsden

Sociology Professor

Dr Lumsden's research areas include Twitter trolling of celebrities, athletes and politicians. She is also a Member of the British Society of...

Barrie Houlihan

Emeritus Professor of Sport Policy

A former chair of the UK Anti-Doping Agency, his research interests include the domestic and international policy processes for sport and...

David Howe

Social Anthropology of Sport

Dr Howe has a particular research interest in athletics and has previously looked at the Paralympic movement and the empowerment of disabled...

Alex Paterson

Analyst - Gaming, Leisure & Travel

Alex's focus is leisure and travel and can provide an Olympics angle to these sectors. He has over 20 years equity market experience on the buy...

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